Velocity Performance Filters Technology

For years conical performance filters have been used in auto racing because of their ability to make the most effective use of their surface area. They allow the maximum amount of air flow, while keeping your motor protected. Now Velocity Performance Filters brings the same high performance filter technology to the ATV/UTV industry, setting a new innovative standard in filtration.

The formula is simple, the more air you get into a motor, the more power it is going to make. Our goal was to develop a filter that would allow for the highest amount of air intake, without having to sacrifice filtration. With this goal in mind we utilized previously waisted area in most filters...the end cap.

Velocity's "conical" design gives you 30% more air filtration area, allowing your motor to draw in the maximum amount of air possible.

If you take a look at the picture to the right, you can see how Velocity filters really make use of a lot more area than other filters on the market. The blue represents the allowed air flow area. As you can see, Velocity has taken a simple concept and perfected it for the ATV/UTV market.

Whether you race your ATV or take it out for the occasional desert trip, look no further for your next air filter; hands down VELOCITY IS IT, FOR RELIABLE LONG LASTING PERFORMANCE!

Velocity Performance Filters - Technology Air Flow Chart
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